ubuntu-with-vitamins - Mimics the default Ubuntu prompt, but with git decorations.

Ubuntu with vitamins 🥑 🥝 🍉 🍊

Zsh Zim theme mimicking default Ubuntu shell theme, but with vitamins.


What does it show? (AKA: vitamins)

  • Red username & prompt when last command failed.
  • When in a git working tree:
    • Green label with current git branch name, or commit short hash when in 'detached HEAD' state.
    • Red * when there are dirty files.
    • Red % when there are untracked files.
    • Green + when there are staged files.
    • < when behind the remote.
    • > when ahead of the remote.
    • <> when local & remote repositories have diverged.


Requires Zim's git-info module to show git information.

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Mar 29, 2020