TUIFIManager A cross-platform terminal-based file manager (supports termux)

TUIFIManager A cross-platform terminal-based file manager (supports termux)

TUIFI Manager

A cross-platform terminal-based file manager (and component), meant to be used with a Uni-Curses project or as is. This project is mainly an attempt to get more attention to the Uni-Curses project.


sudo pip3 install tuifimanager --upgrade
pip3 install TUIFIManager --upgrade

or just ^^^ if it works for you. (eg. on termux?)


Run tuifi in your terminal to use it as is or import it in one of your Uni-Curses project as a component like:

from TUIFIManager import *

for more details look into the

Features & Shortcuts


  • Supports most of the common mouse events so far
  • It is somewhat fully customizable?
  • Can be used as a component
  • It is pretty snappy
  • Supports Termux
  • Cross Platform
  • and more


  • Undo\Redo
  • tool-tips
  • Scroll bar
  • Search bar
  • Information bar
  • Dim-Effect on cutted Files

Common Shortcuts\Keybindings

Shortcut Action
SHIFT + TAB Moves selected file to the previous directory
KEY_BACKSPACE Opens\Goes to the previous directory
ALT + DOWN Opens\Closes the "right-click menu"
KEY_HOME Navigates to the $HOME directory
KEY_F5 Reload\Refresh current directory
CTRL + V Pastes the Copied or Cuted files
DEL Deletes the selected files
CTRL + C Copies the selected files
CTRL + X Cuts the selected files
CTRL + R Rename selected file
CTRL + N Create new folder
CTRL + W Create new file
ARROW KEYS Navigates files
KEY_ENTER Opens files

TERMUX only Shortcuts\Keybindings

Shortcut Action
CTRL + DOWN Goes in&out of select-mode while also automatically copies the selected file(s)
CTRL + LEFT Goes out of select-mode while also cuts the seleccted file(s)
CTRL + END Goes out of select-mode while also deleting the selected file(s)
CTRL + UP Same as CTRL + V, Pastes the Copied or Cuted files
END Deletes selected files


Work in progress 🛠️ 🏗 ...


  • How do I choose which program to use for opening files?

navigate to python -c "import TUIFIManager;print(TUIFIManager.__path__)" and add xdg-open or change DEFAULT_EDITOR ,by editing

  • How do I toggle hidden files/folders?

Navigate to and specify suffixes=['*','.*'] for hidden files.



Any Idea with this issue unicurses/unicurses#21 ? has been used for the editing of this MD file

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May 30, 2022