stronghold - Configure security settings from the terminal.

stronghold - Configure security settings from the terminal.

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stronghold is the easiest way to securely configure your Mac.

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Designed for macOS Sierra and High Sierra. Not yet tested on macOS Mojave, but I'm working on updating it!


Usage: [OPTIONS]

  Securely configure your Mac.
  Developed by Aaron Lichtman -> (Github: alichtman)

  -lockdown  Set secure configuration without user interaction.
  -v         Display version and author information and exit.
  -help, -h  Show this message and exit.

Installation Options

  1. Install with pip

    • $ pip install stronghold
    • $ stronghold
  2. Download the stronghold binary from Releases tab.

Configuration Options

  1. Firewall

    • Turn on Firewall?
      • This helps protect your Mac from being attacked over the internet.
    • Turn on logging?
      • If there IS an infection, logs are useful for determining the source.
    • Turn on stealth mode?
      • Your Mac will not respond to ICMP ping requests or connection attempts from closed TCP and UDP networks.
  2. General System Protection

    • Enable Gatekeeper?
      • Defend against malware by enforcing code signing and verifying downloaded applications before allowing them to run.
    • Prevent automatic software whitelisting?
      • Both built-in and downloaded software will require user approval for whitelisting.
    • Disable Captive Portal Assistant and force login through browser on untrusted networks?
      • Captive Portal Assistant could be triggered and direct you to a malicious site WITHOUT any user interaction.
  3. User Metadata Storage

    • Clear language modeling metadata?
      • This includes user spelling, typing and suggestion data.
    • Disable language modeling data collection?
    • Clear QuickLook metadata?
    • Clear Downloads metadata?
    • Disable metadata collection from Downloads?
    • Clear SiriAnalytics database?
  4. User Safety

    • Lock Mac as soon as screen saver starts?
    • Display all file extensions?
      • This prevents malware from disguising itself as another file type.
    • Disable saving documents to the cloud by default?
      • This prevents sensitive documents from being unintentionally stored on the cloud.
    • Show hidden files in Finder?
      • This lets you see all files on the system without having to use the terminal.
    • Disable printer sharing?
      • Offers redundancy in case the Firewall was not configured.

How to Contribute

  1. Clone repo and create a new branch: $ git checkout -b name_for_new_branch.
  2. Make changes and test
  3. Submit Pull Request with comprehensive description of changes



This is free, open-source software. If you'd like to support the development of future projects, or say thanks for this one, you can donate BTC at 1FnJ8hRRNUtUavngswUD21dsFNezYLX5y9.

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Apr 5, 2022