sfz - An evolution of lean prompt which itself is a rewrite of pure.


sfz prompt is an evolution of lean prompt which itself is a rewrite of pure.


  • Defaults to a sparse setup, only showing information needed at the moment.
  • When tmux is active it shows a yellow . If you don't want this indicator, you can set PROMPT_SFZ_TMUX="".
  • Show remote host if logged in through SSH.
  • All in one line, most stuff in the right prompt, leaving the left prompt clean.
  • Shows background jobs.
  • Show git repo status indicators.
  • Shortens path in fish shell style, to disable this set PROMPT_SFZ_PATH_UNTRUNCATED=1.
  • Shows execution time of long jobs. This defaults to 5 seconds but can be changed by settings PROMPT_SFZ_CMD_MAX_EXEC_TIME.

sfz starts with only 2 characters on the screen:

~ §

All other information is omitted and shown only when needed.


You can install the prompt in the standard zsh way by adding the prompt_sfz_setup file to your $fpath and running prompt sfz somewhere in your .zshrc. For example, you could clone this repo and run:

ln -s /path/to/this/repo/prompt_sfz_setup $HOME/.zsh/.zfunctions/prompt_sfz_setup

And in your .zshrc add:

fpath=( "$HOME/.zsh/.zfunctions" $fpath )
prompt sfz

Alternatively if you use zgen you can add the following to your ~/.zshrc:

zgen load mreinhardt/sfz-prompt.zsh

Then you can force reload zgen with zgen reset && source ~/.zshrc.

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Mar 1, 2018