serious - Includes command exit status and git status decorations.

Serious ZSH Theme

A serious, no-nonsense zsh theme with a smile. Designed to convey all necessary information without excessive fluff but still look nice. :)

A successful prompt:

[email protected]~/projects >                     :) 9:00AM

An unsuccessful prompt:

[email protected]~/projects >                     :| 9:00AM

You can change the theme’s variables interactively to find out what works best for you:

[email protected]/src > DIR_DEPTH=3                  :) 9:00AM
[email protected]/my-project/src >                     :) 9:00AM

[email protected]/src > SAD_IND=":("                 :) 9:00AM
[email protected]/src > return 1                     :) 9:00AM
[email protected]/src >                              :( 9:00AM

[email protected]/src > PROMPT_END=":::"             :) 9:00AM
[email protected]/src :::                            :) 9:00AM


Clone this repo.

git clone

Copy serious.zsh-theme to ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/.

cd serious-zsh-theme
cp serious.zsh-theme ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/

Set ZSH_THEME in your .zshrc to serious.

Reload zsh.

exec zsh

Customizable Variables

Variable Use
HAPPY_IND The indicator for programs that happily exit.
SAD_IND The indicator for recalcitrant programs.
DIR_DEPTH The amount of directories shown in the left prompt.
PROMPT_END The indicator for the left end of the prompt.

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Jul 3, 2021