Replay - Run Bash commands replaying changes in Fish. (Alternative)

Run Bash commands replaying changes in Fish. 🍤

Let's say you need to run a Bash command, and want Fish to inherit changes in the environment, e.g., exported and unset variables, changes to the $PATH, and so on. How do you do that?

$ exec bash -c "$commands; exec fish"

Caveats? Unfortunately, yes.

There's no way to preserve the last command exit status. You'll lose the entire state of your session; history may not sync up correctly if you have Fish running in other terminal tabs, local variables are gone. Fish takes a little while to start up. Moreover, things Fish is configured to do on startup like running configuration snippets or displaying a custom greeting may not be appreciated. If jobs are running in the background, they'll be terminated too.

Replay runs your commands in Bash, captures exported variables, aliases, $PWD changes, and reproduces them in Fish so you don't have to exec-away your session.


Install with Fisher:

fisher install jorgebucaran/


This sets the environment variable PYTHON in your session.

$ replay export PYTHON=python2
$ echo $PYTHON

This will download and install the latest Node release (requires nvm).

$ replay "source ~/.nvm/ --no-use && nvm use latest"

Bash aliases? You got it.

$ replay alias g=git
$ g init
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/users/jb/code/

Replay will even take care of special variables like $PWD, switching directories if needed.

$ pwd
$ replay cd ~
$ pwd

Replay is not bulletproof! Interactive utilities, such as ssh-add are not currently supported.



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Apr 16, 2022