pokeget - Display sprites of pokemon.

pokeget - Display sprites of pokemon.


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pokeget is a bash script you can use to display cool sprites of pokemon in your terminal.

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pokeget has support for all pokemon up to gen 8 including gen 8 and is written in bash.

pokeget has only needs basic dependencies usually preinstalled in GNU/Linux systems.

You can also use pokeget-lite if you think normal pokeget is bloated and you want something a lot simpler.


pokeget pokeget


You can go to INSTALLING.md for instructions.


If pokeget is still functioning normally you can do pokeget uninstall

If pokeget isn't working you can use the uninstall script by doing:

bash <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/talwat/pokeget/testing/scripts/uninstall.sh)

in your shell to remove a local installation, and to remove a system wide installation do:

sudo bash <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/talwat/pokeget/testing/scripts/uninstall.sh)

Keep in mind if you did a system wide installation all users who used pokeget will have to delete their pokeget config files manually

The pokeget configuration files are located in ~/.config/pokeget so keep that in mind.


Sprites are taken from Pokemon Reborn (A pokemon fan game), and vanilla sprites are taken from PokeAPI.

However, the original sprites and character designs are made by Game Freak.

The sprites have been converted into .txt files by me, so feel free to use them in other projects.


The help command is pokeget help, if you need to get a quick reminder.

You can do pokeget <pokemon national dex id> to display the sprite.

If you want a list of flags, you can look at USAGE.md.


To run pokeget you will need is bash, cURL, and the GNU coreutils.

To install pokeget, you will need cURL if you don't clone the repository and instead use the install instructions.

All dependencies are usually installed by default on most Linux distros, as this script is designed to run on GNU/Linux.

If you run it on macOS/darwin certain features will be disabled, but most things will work fine.

If you test it on other non GNU/Linux systems you can open an issue with your results and they will be added in this section of the README.


pokeget-lite is a much simpler script in comparison to normal pokeget. pokeget-lite is just under 40 sloc!

It has no flags or a config file, and is limited to small sprites only. It supports sprites up to gen 8 including gen 8.

It still requires bash and cURL, however if you plan to use it on a non-GNU system such as Alpine you might have more success due to it not relying on any of the GNU coreutils.


  • Talwat Lead maintainer and creator of pokeget.
  • LoganWalls Made a script to scrape a list of pokemon. This helped a lot to be able to get pokemon with sprites instead of national dex id's.
  • acxz Fixing a small spacing issue, and making feature requests.
  • crstian19 Submitted pokeget to the AUR Arch User Repository.
  • Vagahbond Made pokeget automatically know wether the user wanted to get a pokemon by ID or by name.
  • res0nance Fixed a critical issue in pokeget-lite and made random pokemon work on macOS.


You can go to DEVELOPING.md for developer documentation.

Other projects

If theres an other project you want to see a comparison to, you can go to OTHER_PROJECTS.md.

If a project you think should be compared/mentioned, open an issue or a pull request and I can add a chapter about it.

Compatibility with other shells

pokeget has only been tested on bash and is meant to be used with bash.

It can actually run on zsh, but it's still not recommended.


Hey, isn't this similar to pokemon-colorscripts?

See OTHER_PROJECTS.md for some info about this.


  • Add manual pages to the .RPM release of pokeget
  • Add support for displaying pokemon with names instead of national dex id's.
  • Add uninstall script.
  • Add support for selecting random pokemon and random pokemon from specific generations.
  • Make an official macOS port
  • Move sprites to an external repository

Known issues

During testing, some of the unicode symbols have displayed incorrectly, this is still being worked on. This basically boils down to external factors such as your terminal emulator. This is not an issue with pokeget.

Versioning scheme

pokeget uses a modified version of semantic versioning.


It does not require empty 0's to be added to the end of the version number.

So you would do 1.8 not


There are 3 branches.

The main branch, which is a development branch. The testing branch, which is updated only when a commit passed all the tests. And a stable branch, which is updated every time there is a new release.

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Apr 5, 2022