npm-run - Autocompletion support for npm run.


Autocompletion support for npm run.


Install with npm or manually.

Via npm

$ npm install -g npm-run.plugin.zsh

After that you have to restart your zsh.

Important note: npm-run.plugin.zsh utilizes GNU Grep under the hood. Please make sure that you have the GNU Command Line Tools installed.


  1. Clone this repository to your favorite path (e.g. ~/zsh-extensions/npm-run.plugin.zsh)
  2. source the file in your .zshrc
  3. Restart your zsh
# Your .zshrc
source $HOME/zsh-extensions/npm-run.plugin.zsh/npm-run.plugin.zsh

Via antigen

$ antigen bundle akoenig/npm-run.plugin.zsh


Switch to your project (a.k.a. the place where the package.json lives):

$ npm run <TAB>

Exemplary output:

λ myproject → git master* → npm run
build    watch    dev


Copyright 2015, André König ([email protected])

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Apr 11, 2022