neofetch, but ♥ ✿ * gay* ♥ ✿


neofetch, but ✿ * gay*

okay so i have little to no idea of how to do this, so as i figure it out i will fix stuff. SO my goal here is to rebuild neofetch with LGBTQIA+ themed distro ascii art

until i figure out how to make this an installable app, im just going to show you what i did to get what i got


+-+-+ there are two files you need to find and edit -+-+- i am doing all of this on archcraft and am installing most everything with yay +-+-+ also im using alacritty with the catppuccion theme

first off you need to find you /.config/neofetch/config.conf

  • for me that didnt exist until i reinstalled neofetch with yay
  • with a text editor like vim or nano go in and change whatever settings you want, ill add my config here too if you want to just copy paste
      • im sure there is a way, but this isnt where i hit the ascii with the gay laser, thats next

neofetch pulls its ascii art from a /usr/ file, a lot of guides on internet say this is in different places and a lot of the spots just didnt work for me. so what i did was run the command which neofetch then used vim to edit the file

  • from there if you scroll down a few thousand lines and youll start seeing ascii art
  • from there find your distros art or find a distro youre willing to replace (more on that next)

i ended up changing my neofetch distro output to "redstar" in the /.config/neofetch/config.conf file then replaced redstar os's ascii art in the /usr/local/bin/neofetch file

more info

so this is what the ascii art is going to look like in the bin file

            set_colors 1 7 3
            read -rd '' ascii_data <<'EOF'
${c1}      :+sMs.
  `:ddNMd-                         -o--`
 -sMMMMh:                          `+N+``
 yMMMMMs`     .....-/-...           `mNh/
  /dMMMMMMMMMMMMMs-  ````````..``
   .oMMMMMMMMMMMMNs`               ./y:`
     +dNMMNMMMMMMMmy`          ``./ys.
      `/hMMMMMMMMMMMNo-``    `.+yy+-`

things to know, set color was stupid confusing at fist but here is how it works -+ for PacBSD the colors 1 7 and 3 are set into order of 1 2 and 3. which means anything that comes after ${c1} will render as color 1, which is ansii color 1. anything that comes after $ {c2} will render as color 7 however

the ansii colors go like this

black = 0 red = 1 green = 2 yellow = 3 blue = 4 purple = 5 cyan = 6 dark grey = 7 light grey = 8

more on colors at

my color theme can be found at

i use red in place of pink, but that doesnt work for everyone, so just keep that in mind.

if you use this and find any trans flag colors looking too american, edit the set color and replace "1" with "5"

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Aug 28, 2022