My customized Debian LiveCD's


My customized Debian LiveCD's:

Debian KDE Plasma minimal - contains minimal KDE Plasma desktop (only Plasma and some basic packages)

Debian KDE Updated + AHS - contains updated and minimal KDE Plasma Desktop from Norbert Preining's OBS repository and Advansed Hardware Support repository from MX Linux project, whitch contains updated graphics drivers.

Debian Sway Live - contains Sway Wayland compositor and some recommended apps.

Debian Sway Custom - like the previous one, but with my custom configs and Advansed Hardware Support repository


First you need to install live-build package:

sudo apt install live-build

Dowload config files:

git clone

Go to desired directory (for example Sway LiveCD):

cd Debian\ Sway\ Live

Run live-build scipt:

sh ./

Resuting ISO file will be placed to current directory.

Download Source Code

Download ZIP
Sep 1, 2022