markedit - Mark files and edit them with autocompletion for existing marks.


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Markedit is a very simple (zsh / bash) Plugin to mark Files and Edit them With Auto completion for existing Marks

Markedit allow you to ...

  • Mark A file to edit
  • Mark A file to edit as root
  • Remove Marks
  • Jump and edit a Mark on the fly
  • Edit exist Marks


  • Add Mark :
ea makedit /path/to/markedit/markedit

Or if the File need Sudo Permission

ea _ markedit /path/to/markedit/markedit.plugin.zsh
  • Remove Mark :
er markedit
  • Edit Mark :
em markedit
  • Show Marks :
markedit    /path/to/markedit/markedit		# Mark with out sudo Permission
markedit    /path/to/markedit/markedit   sudo    # mark with sudo Permission
  • Change Mark Name or File :
ee markedit


git clone /path/to/markedit

Add MarkEdit Plugin to ~./zshrc

source /path/to/markedit/markedit


    MARK EDIT (20-05-2018)
    Written by Zakaria Barkouk ([email protected])

    Mark your file To easy Access

        ea          Add Mark File
        er          Remove Mark File
        es          Show All Mark File's
        em          Edit Mark File
        ee          change or Edit Exist Mark

        ea bashrc ~/.bashrc     ( add 'bashrc' Mark with out sudo Permission )
        ea _ bashrc ~/.bashrc   ( add 'bashrc' Mark with sudo Permission )
        em bashrc               ( Edit to 'bashrc' Mark)
        er bashrc ...           ( Remove 'bashrc' Mark and support multi Delete)
        ee bashrc               (Edit Exist mark like change the mark name or File)

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May 15, 2021