longsilvern - Includes git and compact pwd decorations.

longsilvern - Includes git and compact pwd decorations.


A zsh theme that provides you an extra bit functionalities without weighing you down.
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A few quality of life functionalities to enhance your shell experiences:

  • Measured Execution Time : Calculate the elapsed time of the previously successful executed command.
    Don't know whether you have enough time to grab a coffee while waiting for the code to compile? Now you do.
  • Condensed Path : Got lost in a deep logs folder hierarchy? This will help you find your root and where you currently are.
    (Need full path? pwd is one command away)
  • Git Prompt :
    • Condensed Branch Name : shorten the branch name with > 18 chars long to save space.
      (git branch for the full branch name)
    • Git Status: Show the status of the current working git repository
      • ⇡ (Green) : Current branch is ahead of HEAD
      • ⇣ (Red) : Current branch is behind HEAD
      • * (Yellow) : Current branch has uncommitted changes (e.g: modified/added/deleted files)




  • Clone the repository:
git clone https://github.com/long263/longsilvern-zsh-theme.git ${ZSH_CUSTOM}/themes/longsilvern-zsh-theme
  • Create a symbolic link
ln -s ${ZSH_CUSTOM}/themes/longsilvern-zsh-theme/longsilvern.zsh-theme ${ZSH_CUSTOM}/themes/longsilvern.zsh-theme
  • Set theme
sed -i 's/ZSH_THEME=".*"/ZSH_THEME="longsilvern"/1' ~/.zshrc
  • Reset shell to take the new change
source ~/.zshrc


Windows Subsystem

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Jun 29, 2021