Script to create a DANE Certificate, Key & TLSA

To get a PEM & TLSA DNS record that will work for DANE SSL/TLS, do the following

  • Edit the file config and put in the values you want (see config.example)
  • run ./make_key

This will give you two files - a PEM & a TXT of the DNS TLSA records. They will be prefixed by the host name

Give the PEM to your SSL/TLS server as both the certificate & key file, & put the DNS record in your server's parent DNS zone file (DNSSEC signed).

e.g for nginx

    ssl_certificate /etc/nginx/ca/dane.txt.pem;
    ssl_certificate_key /etc/nginx/ca/dane.txt.pem;

If you want to keep multiple copies of different config files, you can give them different names, then run

    ./make_key <config-file>

You can try out the example, if you wish - but it will only be useful if you happen to own the domain name example.txt

    ./make_key config.example

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May 23, 2022