headline - A responsive ZSH theme featuring Git status information and a colored line above the prompt.

headline - A responsive ZSH theme featuring Git status information and a colored line above the prompt.

Headline ZSH Theme

Headline. A stylish theme with deliberate use of space. No dependencies. Easily customizable.



Separator Line

A line above the prompt info text with matching colors. May be disabled with HEADLINE_LINE_MODE=off for a more compact prompt.

Information Line

<user> @ <host>: <path> | <branch> [<status>]

This line is responsive, meaning it won't overflow when it gets too long. Individually style each segment of the information line using ANSI SGR codes (which are conveniently aliased in the theme file). You can customize the characters for joining segments and disable segments entirely.

Git Status

All the Git status symbols are customizable. The defaults are below:

Symbol Meaning
+ staged changes
! unstaged changes
? untracked files
commits behind
commits ahead
commits diverged
* stashed files
(none) clean branch


Download the headline.zsh-theme file.

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/moarram/headline/main/headline.zsh-theme

In your ~/.zshrc, source the headline.zsh-theme file.

source your/path/to/headline.zsh-theme

More details on the wiki page: Installation


The headline.zsh-theme file describes variables (around line 70) for customizing prompt behavior, colors, styles, symbols, etc. Set these variables in your ~/.zshrc after sourcing the theme to override the defaults. Play around with it and make it your own!

More details on the wiki page: Customization

Terminal Setup

For the continuous line above the prompt, use a font with ligatures such as Fira Code.

If you want symbols, use a font that has them such as FiraCode Nerd Font and assign your desired symbols to the prefix variables.

More details on the wiki page: Terminal Setup


Screenshots of theme in iTerm2. Using FiraCode Nerd Font for continuous line and fancy icons.

Status showing + for staged changes, ! for unstaged changes, and ? for untracked files (configurable).

Optional icons, special font needed.

Path truncated to fit in available space, user and host hidden.


Download Source Code

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Apr 17, 2022