gitgo (ltj) - Open a Github/Gitlab repository in your browser from the command line (macOS only).


A small plugin for oh-my-zsh to launch Github/Gitlab repository from the command line. It will open the URLs using you default browser using the MacOS X open command or the common Linux xdg-open command. Hence, only Mac OS and Linux is currently suported.


This little script was coded at my leisure only to bring some convenience to my daily workflow. It comes with absolutely no guarantees.


  • Cd into to the oh-my-zsh custom plugin directory. Usually ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins.
  • Clone this repository: git clone
  • Edit your .zshrcfile and add gitgo to the plugins section.
  • Restart you terminal or run source .zshrc


Gitgo adds a bunch of aliases to the shell for quick access to the origin repo on Github/Gitlab:

  1. ghg - Go to the repo homepage
  2. ghc - The branch compare page
  3. ghp - Create PR from current branch in shell (very useful if you just pushed this branch)


Feel free to submit a PR if you want to extend this. Chances are high that you are a better bash/zsh programmer than me ;)

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Feb 28, 2022