git-acp - Take the current command line as the commit message and then run git pull, add, commit and push with one keystroke.


This plugin adds various git aliases and two ZLE keybindings.

Install for Zinit


source "$HOME/.zinit/bin/zinit.zsh"
zinit ice lucid nocompile
zinit load MenkeTechnologies/zsh-git-acp

Install for Oh My Zsh

cd "$HOME/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins" && git clone

Add zsh-git-acp to plugins array in ~/.zshrc

General Install

git clone

source zsh-git-acp.plugin.zsh from .zshrc


The zle keybindings both take the current BUFFER as the commit message and then run git pull, add, commit and push hence the name git-acp. If there is no remote the pull and push steps will be omitted. This is the zsh-gacp-NoCheck widget bound to ^S (S was chosen as many apps bind this to save from menus). There is no confirmation before the add, commit and push. The zsh-gacp-CheckDiff widget does the same but only after a side by side diff piped into less and a confirmation prompt. This is bound to ^F^S. For ^S to work without activating terminal driver, setopt noflowcontrol is run by plugin which means ^S and ^Q are available to be used with ZLE.

When the widgets run they will check to see if current directory is in blacklist and if so display an error. To setup the blacklist export ZSH_GACP_BLACKLISTED_DIRECTORIES=(dir1 dir2) etc.

bindkey -M viins '^S' zsh-gacp-NoCheck
bindkey -M vicmd '^S' zsh-gacp-NoCheck
bindkey -M viins '^F^S' zsh-gacp-CheckDiff
bindkey -M vicmd '^F^S' zsh-gacp-CheckDiff

150+ git aliases

alias gbuom='git branch -u origin/$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias gbuod='git branch -u origin/$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gu='git rm --cached -r'

alias gbu='git branch -u'
alias gcd='git checkout $(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'

alias gbuum='git branch -u upstream/$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias gbuud='git branch -u upstream/$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'

alias glgf='git log --stat --format=fuller'
alias gsa='git rev-list --all | xargs git grep -C 5'

alias gmc='git merge --continue'
alias gme='git merge --edit'
alias gmod='git merge origin/$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'

alias gdom='git diff -w origin/$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias gdod='git diff -w origin/$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gdum='git diff -w upstream/$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias gdud='git diff -w upstream/$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'

alias gcm='git checkout $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias gcd='git checkout $(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'

alias gcof='git checkout -f'
alias gcom='git checkout $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias gcoom='git checkout origin/$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias gcofom='git checkout -f origin/$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias gcood='git checkout origin/$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gcod='git checkout $(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gcofod='git checkout -f origin/$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'

alias gcoum='git checkout upstream/$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias gcofum='git checkout -f upstream/$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias gcoud='git checkout upstream/$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gcofud='git checkout -f upstream/$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'

alias glu='git pull upstream'
alias glr='git pull --rebase'
alias glrf='git pull --rebase --force'

alias glhm='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git pull heroku $_m:$_m; unset _m'
alias glfhm='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git pull -f heroku $_m:$_m; unset _m'
alias glrhm='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git pull --rebase heroku $_m:$_m; unset _m'

alias glom='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git pull origin $_m:$_m; unset _m'
alias glrom='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git pull --rebase origin $_m:$_m; unset _m'

alias glum='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git pull upstream $_m:$_m; unset _m'
alias glrum='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git pull --rebase upstream $_m:$_m; unset _m'

alias glod='_d=$(zsh-gacp-devBranch); git pull origin $_d:$_d; unset _d'
alias glrod='_d=$(zsh-gacp-devBranch); git pull --rebase origin $_d:$_d; unset _d'

alias glud='_d=$(zsh-gacp-devBranch); git pull upstream $_d:$_d; unset _d'
alias glrud='_d=$(zsh-gacp-devBranch); git pull --rebase upstream $_d:$_d; unset _d'

alias glomd='git pull origin $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch):$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gludm='git pull upstream $(zsh-gacp-devBranch):$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'

alias glromd='git pull --rebase origin $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch):$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias glrudm='git pull --rebase upstream $(zsh-gacp-devBranch):$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'

alias glodm='git pull origin $(zsh-gacp-devBranch):$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias glumd='git pull upstream $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch):$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'

alias glrodm='git pull --rebase origin $(zsh-gacp-devBranch):$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias glrumd='git pull --rebase upstream $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch):$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'

alias grr='git remote remove'
alias gre='git remote rename'
alias grao='git remote add origin'
alias grau='git remote add upstream'

alias gpa='git push --all'
alias gpo='git push origin'
alias gpoa='git push origin --all'
alias gpfoa='git push --force origin --all'
alias gpu='git push upstream'

alias gpom='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git push origin $_m:$_m; unset _m'
alias gpod='_d=$(zsh-gacp-devBranch); git push origin $_d:$_d; unset _d'
alias gpomd='git push origin $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch):$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gpodm='git push origin $(zsh-gacp-devBranch):$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'

alias gpum='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git push upstream $_m:$_m; unset _m'
alias gpud='_d=$(zsh-gacp-devBranch); git push upstream $_d:$_d; unset _d'
alias gpumd='git push upstream $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch):$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gpudm='git push upstream $(zsh-gacp-devBranch):$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'

alias gphm='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git push heroku $_m:$_m; unset _m'
alias gpfhm='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git push --force heroku $_m:$_m; unset _m'
alias gpfha='git push --force heroku --all'

alias gpot='git push origin --tags'
alias gpfot='git push --force origin --tags'
alias gput='git push upstream --tags'
alias gpfut='git push --force upstream --tags'

alias glfo='git pull --force origin'
alias glrfo='git pull --rebase --force origin'

alias glfu='git pull --force upstream'
alias glrfu='git pull --rebase --force upstream'

alias glfom='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git pull --force origin $_m:$_m; unset _m'
alias glrfom='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git pull --rebase --force origin $_m:$_m; unset _m'

alias glfum='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git pull --force upstream $_m:$_m; unset _m'
alias glrfum='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git pull --rebase --force upstream $_m:$_m; unset _m'

alias glfod='_d=$(zsh-gacp-devBranch); git pull --force origin $_d:$_d; unset _d'
alias glfud='_d=$(zsh-gacp-devBranch); git pull --force upstream $_d:$_d; unset _d'

alias glrfod='_d=$(zsh-gacp-devBranch); git pull --rebase --force origin $_d:$_d; unset _d'
alias glrfud='_d=$(zsh-gacp-devBranch); git pull --rebase --force upstream $_d:$_d; unset _d'

alias glfomd='git pull --force origin $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch):$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias glfudm='git pull --force upstream $(zsh-gacp-devBranch):$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'

alias glrfomd='git pull --rebase --force origin $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch):$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias glrfudm='git pull --rebase --force upstream $(zsh-gacp-devBranch):$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'

alias glfodm='git pull --force origin $(zsh-gacp-devBranch):$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias glfumd='git pull --force upstream $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch):$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'

alias glrfodm='git pull --rebase --force origin $(zsh-gacp-devBranch):$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias glrfumd='git pull --rebase --force upstream $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch):$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'

alias gpfo='git push --force origin'
alias gpfu='git push --force upstream'

alias gpfom='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git push --force origin $_m:$_m; unset _m'
alias gpfod='_d=$(zsh-gacp-devBranch); git push --force origin $_d:$_d; unset _d'

alias gpfum='_m=$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch); git push --force upstream $_m:$_m; unset _m'
alias gpfud='_d=$(zsh-gacp-devBranch); git push --force upstream $_d:$_d; unset _d'

alias gpfomd='git push --force origin $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch):$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gpfodm='git push --force origin $(zsh-gacp-devBranch):$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'

alias gpfumd='git push --force upstream $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch):$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gpfudm='git push --force upstream $(zsh-gacp-devBranch):$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'

alias gpuat='git push upstream --all && git push upstream --tags'

alias gpfoat='git push -f origin --all && git push -f origin --tags'
alias gpfuat='git push -f upstream --all && git push -f origin --tags'

alias grom='git reset --hard origin/$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias grum='git reset --hard upstream/$(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias grod='git reset --hard origin/$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias grud='git reset --hard upstream/$(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gfo='git fetch origin'
alias gfu='git fetch upstream'
alias gfod='git fetch origin $(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gfud='git fetch upstream $(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gfom='git fetch origin $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias gfum='git fetch upstream $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias gffo='git fetch --force origin'
alias gffu='git fetch --force upstream'
alias gffod='git fetch --force origin $(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gffud='git fetch --force upstream $(zsh-gacp-devBranch)'
alias gffom='git fetch --force origin $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias gffum='git fetch --force upstream $(zsh-gacp-mainBranch)'
alias gj='git pull --rebase --autostash -v'
alias gs="git difftool -y -x 'printf \"\\x1b[1;4m\$REMOTE\\x1b[0m\\x0a\";sdiff --expand-tabs -w '\$COLUMNS "
alias grhs='git reset --soft'
alias grhm='git reset --mixed'
alias gpf='git push --force'
alias gdh='git diff -w HEAD'
alias bk='git clean -dff && git reset --hard HEAD && git clean -dff'
alias bki='git clean -dffx && git reset --hard HEAD && git clean -dffx'
alias glf='git pull --force'
alias gla='git pull --all'
alias glat='git pull --all --tags'
alias glt='git pull --tags'

alias glot='git pull origin --tags'
alias glfot='git pull --force origin --tags'

alias glut='git pull upstream --tags'
alias glfut='git pull --force upstream --tags'

alias glfa='git pull --force --all'
alias glfat='git pull --force --all --tags'
alias glft='git pull --force --tags'
alias gld='git log --pretty="%Cred%h%Creset -%C(auto)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr) %C(bold blue)<%an>%Creset" --stat -p '
alias glaa='git log --pretty="%Cred%h%Creset -%C(auto)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr) %C(bold blue)<%an>%Creset" --stat -p --all'
alias glz='git log --graph --pretty="%Cred%h%Creset -%C(auto)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr) %C(bold blue)<%an>%Creset" --stat -p'
alias glzz='git log --graph --pretty="%Cred%h%Creset -%C(auto)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr) %C(bold blue)<%an>%Creset" --stat -p --all'
alias gacp="git add . && git commit -m '' && git push"
alias gac="git add . && git commit -m ''"
alias gbv='git branch -a -vv'
alias allRebase='git rebase -i $(git rev-list --max-parents=0 HEAD)'

alias gt='git tag'
alias gfa='git fetch --all --prune --tags'
alias gffa='git fetch -f --all --prune --tags'

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Sep 22, 2021