docker-compose configs for easily following merge shadow forks


A docker-compose setup for running lighthouse with different execution clients on testing shadow forks.

How to use

Clone the repository along with submodules for latest testnets:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Ensure you have the latest copy of merge-testnets:

cd lighthouse-shadowfork && git submodule update --remote

Set Variables in

  • ETH2_TESTNET # the name of the testnet directory to use (see ./shared/merge-testnets)
  • EXECUTION_NODE # pick between geth, besu, or nethermind
  • CONSENSUS_DISC # the discovery port (TCP/UDP) for lighthouse (should be accessible from internet)
  • EXECUTION_DISC # the discovery port (TCP/UDP) for execution node (should be accessible from internet)
  • EXPLORER_PORT # port to serve the front-end for the beacon explorer
  • PROMETHEUS_PORT # port to serve the prometheus front-end
  • GRAFANA_PORT # port to serve the grafana front-end

Validator Options if you have validators on the testnet

  • VALIDATOR_MNEMONIC # set this to the mnemonic to generate validators
  • VALIDATOR_COUNT # the number of validators on the mnemonic
  • VALIDATOR_GRAFFITI # set your validator graffiti (must be <= 32 characters)
  • FEE_RECIPIENT # set address of the fee recipient

After editing these be sure to run:

source ./

Start the nodes

To enable only the base (consensus/execution/validator) nodes, simply run:

docker-compose -f ethereum.yml up -d

This repo contains configurations to enable additional services:

  • metrics.yml: enables collecting metrics and spins up prometheus/grafana
  • proxy.yml: spin up JSON-RPC proxy for debugging communication between consensus/execution layer
  • explorer.yml: spins up beaconchain explorer and postgres db

Any of these services can be included by passing -f [YAML_FILE] after ethereum.yml on the command line to docker-compose. For example, to start JSON-RPC proxy and track metrics run:

docker-compose -f ethereum.yml -f proxy.yml -f metrics.yml up -d

Currently running containers can be viewed with docker container ls. Container logs can be viewed with docker logs -f <CONTAINER ID>. To stop all containers, run the same options used to bring up the services but replace up -d with down. For example, to stop all the services started above run:

docker-compose -f ethereum.yml -f proxy.yml -f metrics.yml down

If the beacon explorer is enabled, the front end will be accessible at http://$HOSTNAME:$EXPLORER_PORT. Similarly, if metrics are enabled, the prometheus front-end will be accessible at http://$HOSTNAME:$PROMETHEUS_PORT and grafana will be accessible at http://$HOSTNAME:$GRAFANA_PORT.

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Jun 3, 2022