dotfiles - Keep your dotfiles in sync across multiple machines using git.

Dotfiles Sync Plugin using Git for Oh My Zsh

An Oh My Zsh plugin to keep your dotfines in sync across multiple PCs using Git.


  • Sets up Git repository in user's home directory to keep a track on whitelisted files & directories
  • Provides simple CLI interface to commit, upload and download dotfiles from remote repository


$ sh <(curl -sL 

Under the hood

Whole plugin is a tiny bash script wrapper around Git commands. An idea is to have a Git repository at user's home directory and whitelist only a specific files and directories to keep a track on. In order to achieve that plugin relies on a special file named .gitinclude. .gitinclude is used to achieve exactly the same behaviour as with .gitignore, except it contains a whitelist of all FS paths.


  • 0.1.0
    • Basic set of CLI commands
    • Installation script



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Mar 21, 2022