Spark sessions help beginning students dissect the first larger projects of the curriculum.

Spark Sessions

Educational content for the Spark Sessions


When students enter 42's core curriculum they might only have ever programmed 4 or 5 C modules. These projects are divided in parts of no more than 50 lines of code. So when these students start their core curriculum they might get overwhelmed by a project like ft_printf, which requires a >100 lines of code, and has a lot of moving parts. To help with students with tackling such a relatively complex project the Spark Sessions were created. By exploring a couple relevant concepts in a structured way, we hope to jumpstart the designer mindset that is needed for building larger projects.

Each session consists of a couple exercises to help students understand some core functionality of a given Intra project. For example: the get_next_line spark session covers the use of static variables.

Each session is hosted by 1 or more moderators, they are students that are very comfortable with the project. They help the attendees run through the exercises.

See ./philosophy/ for more information.


Install NodeJS >= 16.x


git clone --recursive [email protected]:codam-coding-college/spark-sessions.git
cd spark-sessions
chmod -R 777 hooks/
cp hooks/* .git/hooks/

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Jun 4, 2022