In-depth and hands-on practice for acing the exam.

Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) Crash Course

Vulnerabilities in software and IT infrastructure, once exploited, can pose a major threat to organizations. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) developed the Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) certification to verify a Kubernetes administrator’s proficiency to protect a Kubernetes cluster and the cloud-native software operated in it. The exam is different from the typical multi-choice format of other certifications. It’s completely performance-based and requires deep knowledge of the tasks at hand under immense time pressure. Are you ready to pass the test on the first go?

This practical course is designed to walk you through all the topics covered in the exam to fully prepare to pass the certification exam. The trainer, CKA and CKAD, Benjamin Muschko, will also share his personal experience with preparing for all aspects of the exam.


All exercises in this repository practice a self-contained portion of the CKS curriculum. Please make sure to follow the instructions for setting up your environment before joining the training.


All exercises are numbered and live in dedicated directories starting with the name exercise-. You'll find instructions for each exercise in each folder. Solutions are available in the solution folder. Try to solve each exercise yourself before having a look at the solution.

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May 24, 2022