bastet Evil falling block game

"For people who enjoy swearing at their computer, Bastet (short for Bastard Tetris) is an attractive alternative to Microsoft Word."

Have you ever thought Tetris(R) was evil because it wouldn't send you that straight "I" brick you needed in order to clear four rows at the same time? Well Tetris(R) probably isn't evil, but Bastet certainly is. >:-) Bastet stands for "bastard tetris", and is a simple ncurses-based Tetris(R) clone for Linux. Unlike normal Tetris(R), however, Bastet does not choose your next brick at random. Instead, Bastet uses a special algorithm designed to choose the worst brick possible. As you can imagine, playing Bastet can be a very frustrating experience!

The game is pretty self-explanatory; use the arrow keys and <space> or <enter> to browse through the menus, set the keys to anything you're comfortable with, and hit "Play!".

The default keys are as follows:
Down	    Down
Left	    Left
Right	    Right
Space bar   Rotate tetromino clockwise
Up    	    Rotate tetromino counterclockwise
Enter	    "Hard-drop" tetromino (like pressing "Down" continuously)
p	    Pause
control+C   Quits the game immediately and without asking anything (the current game is lost, but previous games are recorded in the high scores file)

The game currently allows choosing between two block choosers. The second (harder) one does not show you the "next block" preview, thus achieving a higher level of bastardness.

See the INSTALL file in this same directory.

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May 30, 2022