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Base16 Builder

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Base16 Builder is a nimble command-line tool that generates themes for your favourite programs. See it in action below:

Base16 Builder is easy to use. All you have to do is supply a color scheme, template, and brightness (light or dark). Base16 Builder will use the information you provide to generate a theme and write it to stdout.

Because Base16 Builder writes to stdout, it's possible to pipe the theme anywhere you like. In the above screencast, the theme is piped to a new file called "theme", but this could just as well have been a configuration file like ".Xresources".

You don't have to be savvy with Unix pipelines to enjoy Base16 Builder. If you'd prefer, you can just copy the output with your mouse ☺️ .


This project aims to rejuvenate Chris Kempson's original tool by incorporating some fresh features:


$ npm install --global base16-builder

Make sure to install Node.js before running the above command. We recommended that you install Node.js using nvm (the node version manager) or the pre-built installer for your platform. npm (the node package manager) is bundled and installed automatically with Node.js.


$ base16-builder --help

    $ base16-builder <-s scheme> <-t template> <-b light|dark>
    $ base16-builder <-s scheme path> <-t template path>

    -s, --scheme        Build theme using this color scheme
    -t, --template      Build theme using this template
    -b, --brightness    Build theme using this brightness
    -h, --help          Show this menu

    ls schemes      Opens an offline web page with a list of scheme names and their colors
    ls templates    Writes a list of available templates to the terminal

    $ base16-builder -s oceanicnext -t rxvt-unicode -b dark
    $ base16-builder --scheme oceanicnext --template rxvt-unicode --brightness dark
    $ base16-builder --scheme schemes/customScheme.yml --template templs/customTempl.ejs
    $ base16-builder ls schemes
    $ base16-builder ls templates

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Mar 22, 2022