magicmace - Inspired by xero's ZSH prompt and eriner's prompt. Includes status codes for active python venv, exit status of last command, shortened working directory, git status decorations.

magicmace - Inspired by xero


Ideas and code taken from xero's zsh prompt and eriner's prompt.

What does it show?

  • Status segment:
    • Status code in error color when there was an error.
    • b when there are background jobs.
    • r when in a ranger spawned shell.
    • v when a python venv is activated.
  • The current working directory.
  • Git segment, only when you're in a git repo:
    • Current branch name, or commit short hash when in 'detached HEAD' state.
    • * when in a dirty working tree.
    • and/or when there are commits ahead and/or behind of remote, respectively.


This theme can be customized with the following environment variables. If the variable is not defined, the respective default value is used.

Variable Description Default value
COLOR_ROOT Root-user mace color red
COLOR_USER Non-root-user mace color cyan
COLOR_NORMAL Normal text color white
COLOR_ERROR Error text color red

Advanced settings

You can customize how the current working directory is shown with the prompt-pwd module settings.

The git indicators can customized by changing the following git-info module context formats:

Context name Description Default format
branch Branch name %b
commit Commit short hash %c...
ahead Ahead of remote
behind Behind remote
dirty Dirty state *

Use the following command to override a git-info context format:

zstyle ':zim:git-info:<context_name>' format '<new_format>'

For detailed information about these and other git-info settings, check the git-info documentation.

These advanced settings must be overridden after where the theme is initialized.


Requires Zim's prompt-pwd module to show the current working directory, and git-info to show git information.

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Oct 7, 2021