A magisk module adding some mods to your Galaxy A52 systemlessly.

A magisk module adding some mods to your Galaxy A52 systemlessly.



Credit goes to the original creator UltraHQ Github. This version is modified by me to work on the A52.

For more mods on CSC-Level also get: A72-CSC-Mods


  1. Download the module from the releases
  2. Open the magisk app and go to modules
  3. Click the "Install from storage" button and select the .zip you just downloaded

Note: It should only be used on the Galaxy A52 (SM-A526B) running the corresponding android security patch version as written in the releases. Trying on other devices is at your own risk.
The changes are always reversable, by simply removing the module in magisk.


  • If camera app crashes (or other issues like error on 64MP mode) please clear camera app data.
  • If system apps start crashing, boot into your Recovery and on
    Stock recovery 1. Wipe cache partition
    2. Repair apps
    TWRP recovery 1. Wipe cache partition
    2. Wipe dalvik cache
  • To make Object / Shadow / Reflection Eraser show, update Samsung Photo Editor by installing the latest APK.
  • To fix Samsung Health root detection, I recommend using SamsungAppsPatcher

Known bugs:

  • None. Please report, if you find any

Added OS Features:

  • Higher Audio Quality (Disabled DRC, which deeply compresses audio)
  • Disabled Samsung Marketing
  • High-End Animations
  • Enhanced CPU Responsiveness
  • Added High Performance mode (also known as Enhanced Processing mode)
  • Voice Recorder Interview mode
  • AOD to Lockscreen Transition
  • Full Edge Lighting
  • Fixed Smart View (Normally broken on rooted devices)
  • Enhance Photo Feature in Gallery
  • Codec support for APE, DSD and HDR10+ content
  • Camera Privacy Toggle
  • ADPS (Wi-Fi Power Saving)
  • Enabled mDNIe
  • Enabled Resolution changing (FHD, HD - only visible in Bixby Routines)
  • Setting to limit battery charge to 85%
  • Smart Widgets
  • Samsung Smart Suggestions (Smart Calendar, Smart Widgets Auto Rotation, ..)

Added Camera Features:

  • Extended pro (video) mode features: Histogram, Focus peaking, Zoom, Reset button, Expanded shutter speed
  • Unlimited Video File Size
  • EIS Support / Video stabilization @ 4K (Disable energy saving mode to avoid lag)
  • AI Detail Enhancer feature (64MP mode)
  • Object/Shadow/Reflection Eraser (Update Samsung Photo Editor to make it work, by installing the latest APK)
  • Full single take (Full AI, Second Editing, ..) (Dosen't work yet on the A52 but if i make it work ill create a update release)
  • Full Beauty features (Beauty in Live Focus, Beauty Brighten, Body Beauty, change skin tone)
  • Torch Flash in Live Focus
  • Review feature
  • Audio Input Control (In pro video mode - Limitation: Only internal microphone)
  • Improved Scene Detection
  • S-Series Photo Processing (I removed this from the code because it makes the photos look bad on the A52)
  • S-Series AI-Models & AI Features
  • Video Audio Zoom
  • Full Intelligent Recognition (like Smart Scan Text Extraction)
  • Full Live Focus (all S-Series effects)
  • Galaxy Watch Camera Controller
  • Higher Gallery Zoom Quality
  • Video Auto FPS
  • Many, not worth to mention, additions

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Apr 25, 2022