A base configuration of a kubernetes cluster with kind, useful for testing


A base configuration of a kubernetes cluster with kind to be used locally.

It includes help scripts to manage applications using helm or kubectl in a simple way.

See https://kind.sigs.k8s.io/ to learn more about kind


  • kind
  • bash
  • yq


  • apps/ directory containing all applications, each directory containing one or more applications that are deployed in the same namespace
  • bootstrap/ directory containing the base configuration of the kind cluster
  • scripts/ directory containing all the utility scripts for cluster management
  • config.yaml application configuration file used by the scripts



Creates the cluster and bootstrap the configuration

make bootstrap


Destroys the entire cluster

make destroy


Install, upgrade or delete an application from the cluster, full list of apps in config.yaml file

make [install|upgrade|delete] app=<app-name>


Install, upgrade or delete all apps from the cluster. Ignore apps using the config.yaml file

make [install|upgrade|delete]-all

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Jun 6, 2022